Sabbats & Esbats

The Sabbats are the eight major, cyclical festivals that Witches and Wiccan’s follow. Each one coincides with the changes of the seasons, representing the Wheel of the Year.

Sabbat                                 Date                                  Alternate Name
Samhain                              31 October                      Halloween
Yule                                     21 December                   Winter Solstice
Imbolc                                 1 February                      Candlemass
Ostara                                 21 March                         Spring Equinox
Beltane                                1 May                               May Day
Litha                                    21 June                            Summer Solstice
Lughnassad                        1 August                           Litha
Mabon                                 21 September                 Autumn Equinox

These dates are approximate.

The Esbats are the Full Moons, of which, there are generally thirteen each year.

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