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She is often known as the Dark Destructive Goddess in the Hindu beliefs, but her energy is necessary as it destroys to allow the new to enter. She is often feared by those who do not understand her or the natural cycles of birth, death and rebirth. In this present Waning moon, it may be a good idea to try to work with this Goddess. Perhaps to help release old, stale energy or negative thoughts or patterns you may harbour. Only then will you be able to accept the new.

Endings and beginnings is what this blue lady is all about. Often, when a relationship has ended, we may find ourselves holding onto some part of our ex. This is unhealthy and should be worked through and released in order to heal the self and the heart so that you can move on to a new relationship. A cutting ties or cords ritual is a lovely idea and something you can practice in the Waning Moon’s energy.

Because the 8th September is the third quarter of the moon’s orbit, this is the optimum time to cast a spell to release the past. This is not always an easy spell to work with, as often, we may not be ready to leave the past behind, but this is a start.


I like to take a black candle, which will represent the past and the issues (or you could use a colour that means something to you and that person or issue). I may even score the candle with a name or a symbol to represent the person or “thing” I could like to leave behind. You will also need a pair of scissors OR your Bolline (working knife). If you like to burn things in your cauldron, take some paper and a black pen into your ritual circle with you.

Cast your circle as normal, but ensure that you Invoke Kali. You may want to wear black or dark blue to enhance your connectivity with her. Once your circle is cast, spend a while meditating on the area or person you wish to lose ties with from your past. Really focus on their face or an image of them in your minds eye. When you feel ready, open your eyes, take your pen and write down all of the negative traits around this person or thing, all of the niggles you wish to remove from your life.

Now, light the black candle and see all the negative energy being burnt away in the flame. Set fire to the paper with your notes on and place it in your cauldron safely. Now take up the scissors or Bolline and visualising yourself connected to those negative thoughts, people energies, see a cord tying you to them. Now cut that invisible cord, using the scissors/bolline in front of you (and do this as many times as your feel necessary).

You may wish to chant while you cut the invisible cords that you are still tied too. You may like to write your own or you could say:

“I release myself from this negativity,
By the power of three times three, so mote it be!”
Remember, you can make your chant as elaborate as you wish.

Once you have completed your spell, continue your ritual in your normal way. You may like to spend further time at the end meditating on Kali. Always remember to thank the Goddess for her help in your ritual and spell. You may wish to leave an offering for her.

She is the embodiment of Mother Nature in all her aspects, and she cleanses the old with fires and storms to make way for the new. She is an active Goddess and will help you to complete and accomplish tasks or goals in your life. She is wise and all seeing but she will push you beyond your limits and out of your comfort zone to reach your full potential. You could be in for a scary ride!

Blessed Be

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