Book Of Shadows

A Book Of Shadows, Grimoire or BOS, is a Witches spell book. I find, however, that it is more than just a spell book! It becomes a journal of sorts, a diary or even a reference book.

Modern Witches often use their computers for their BOS, while some use beautiful and special books, sacred to them. Some even use lever arch files! I tend to use all three, depending on my mood and what I need at the time.

The BOS may be private, for the use of a Solitary Witch, or it may belong to a Coven. There are no rules around what you should or shouldn’t put into your Book. Use your imagination and let it flow from within!

This section will be used to showcase various spells, tables of correspondance, Goddess and God information and even rituals! Watch out for updates on a regular basis!

Blessed Be

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