Wicca, pronounced “wick-ah”, is a modern religion, based upon the ancient Western European, pre-Christian shamanic traditions. (Wicca itself has only been around for about 60 years or so, however, the traditions and beliefs that it is based on are ancient). It is fertility, earth based and nature orientated. Wiccans recognize and worship during the change of the seasons and the full and new moons. Wicca is considered a pagan religion, which means that it is not Judeo-Christian in origin. Pagan simply means “not of the city” or “country dweller” and should not be thought of as a negative term.

Wicca is unique in that it has no dogmas, doctrines or set of rules. This can be confusing for new practitioners as Wiccan practices are derived from within, are personal and individual and are not mandated by any one person, hierarchy or “bible”. Many people brought up in an organized religion are not used to such an open and free belief system. It takes time to become comfortable in developing your religious practices from your experiences and knowledge, but therein lies the beauty of Wicca.

Individuality is an honored trait for Wiccans, therefore, Wicca is not a “cohesive” religion. One can practice either with a coven or as a solitary and they can worship in their own individual way. Some people who belong to covens may branch out and form their own coven. This is totally acceptable and allows for a greater sharing of beliefs and of the establishment of new ideas and practices. Although Wiccan practices are unique to the individual or coven, most Wiccan’s have more in common with other Wiccans than they do differences.


Would you like to learn all about Wicca and the Old Religion, in a comfortable setting, with likeminded individuals?

This intensive two day workshop, is the complete guide to living your life as a Witch.

If you would like to book for the workshop’s, please phone to arrange dates – Debi is able to teach over weekends and evenings and will assist with planning to fit in with your schedule!

Debi has been a practicioner of the Old Religion for 20+ years, teaching Wicca for the past 14 years. She is a High Priestess and was ordained as a minister under the Stars Over Africa Ministry, while living in South Africa. Debi ran her own Coven in South Africa (The Coven of the Wolf Moon) as well as guesting at various rituals around the country as a High Priestess specifically working with the Kith of the Earthen Star in York.

On the workshop, you will learn the history of Wicca, the Wheel of the Year, how to write your own rituals and spells, how to work with the Goddess and God energy, how to create balance and harmony in your life, self dedication, the Book Of Shadows, the Wiccan Reede, how to use the magickal tools and what they are and she will introduce you to the Gods and the Goddess’. Meditation, visualisation, different methods of spell casting as well as working with the elements and encompassing this beautiful belief system into your life.

You will also have the option of attending and taking part in a ritual, as well as ongoing support and counseling.

Debi also teaches a Wicca 2 workshop, which is for those who are already dedicated on the path and would like a deeper understanding of the Craft.

)O( Blessed Be

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