Reiki Meditations

Here are some meditations you may like to try in your Reiki practise. These could be for yourself or for your clients to use. Enjoy!

“My peace is a great gift to the world – when I find my peace, there is one less person suffering.”

In a comfortable seated position, keeping the spine erect and the breath fluid, gently close the eyes. When you feel that you have centred yourself, visualise a lake, peaceful and still. Feel the peacefulness around you, as if you are sitting by the side of that lake. Take a look at the water, is it still and calm or turbulant? Are you able to see any reflections in the water? How does this make you feel? You may wish to note these thoughts and feelings down, after you have completed.

Now, see and feel the peace emanating from this place. Feel it wrapped around you. Comforting you. Calming you.

Relax in this space for a while.

If your mind begins to wander, focus on the breath for a while and then, bring your awareness back to the lake and the peaceful atmosphere it creates within.

At the end of your meditation, dip your chin down into your chest and slowly open your eyes. You may wish to take few moments to gather your thoughts. Perhaps drink some water to ground yourself again.

Try to carry this sense of peace with you throughout your day!

May the Reiki Guides help you on your journey

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