Just for today – do not worry
Just for today – do not anger
Honour your parents, teachers and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show gratitude to every living thing

Reiki energy, is a wonderful form of universal healing energy that is channelled through an attuned Reiki Practitioner. This energy is available to everyone, meaning that anyone can become a Reiki Healer. Typically, during a healing session, this is a hands on healing technique, however, some practitioners hold their hands slightly above the body. The universal healing energy is then channelled through the healer and into the body of the client.

All sounds a little hocus pocus doesn’t it?

Well, if you consider that Jesus Christ was a healer and practised the laying on of hands as did Buddha, is it really all that hocus pocus?

I was attuned as a Reiki Master in 2005 and work with the Usui system of Reiki. I am 9th in my lineage. The name Usui, comes from a Japanese doctor, Doctor Usui, who discovered Reiki Healing, Energy and the Symbols used, through enlightenment.

Reiki energy, can only be used for good. There is rather a lot of scepticism regarding the success of this energy. In the modern world, we tend to reach for painkillers at the slightest hint of a headache, pain or discomfort, tainting our bodies with toxins. We disbelieve the power of touch, of the universe and of the utilisation of this energy to heal. Yet, when we have a headache or tummy ache, the first thing we do, is place our hands on this area. I believe this stems from the collective consciousness knowledge that we all have access to. This includes Reiki.

So what do you get out of a Reiki treatment?

The energy works with the patient’s natural energy field, working on the aura and the seven major Chakra points located through the body. It helps to cleanse the aura of any negative energy and to balance or unblock the Chakra’s. Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy that are located in specific parts of the body and are connected to specific illness and disease.

In fact, the word disease, can be broken down to “Dis Ease” – which indicates that the body is not at ease with itself. Within this system, it is thought that all illness stems from emotional distress of some sort. The body translates this emotional distress into physical manifestations, such as; anxiety may manifest itself as a headache, stomach cramps, bowl problems, sleeplessness or insomnia and may even lead to heart problems!

The healing energy helps to remove the emotional distress, relieving the body of the physical problem.

I have found in the majority of my treatments, that the client feels a sense of calm and peacefulness after the session. Some may fall asleep and some may experience enlightening visions. There may also be some physical sensation, for example the hands of the practitioner may feel warm or even hot to the touch (sometimes they may feel cold from the hands). They may find their body twitches or moves, as the Reiki energy is introduced to their bodies.

I also use Crystals during the session, as I find that the energies they contain really help to balance the Chakras as well as remove any negative or latent energy.

Often, more than one treatment is recommended and I like to make recommendations to my clients of ways to help heal themselves. These may include meditation exercises, affirmations, exercise or even carrying crystals.

If you are interested in experiencing a Reiki Treatment or even learning to practise Reiki and receive your Level 1 Attunement, please contact me to find out more! E-mail me at

Love and Light

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