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Rainbow Yoga Studio and Emporium is OPEN!

On the 18th July 2015, Rainbow Yoga Studio and Emporium opened their doors for the first time. This is the first ever Yoga Studio to open in Worksop. I have long been dreaming of this moment, and despite various setbacks, it has finally happened!

The opening day was fantastic, with a great amount of interest from my existing students and the visitors to the Carlton House Vintage Art and Craft building found on Carlton Road in Worksop. Rainbow Yoga Studio and Emporium can be found on the top floor.

Classes are listed in the Class time’s page and all upcoming workshops will be listed in the workshops page.

Not only am I teaching Yoga in this beautiful, tranquil space, but I am also offering Tarot & Crystal Readings in the wonderful “Tower Room” as well as Reiki Treatments.

So, if you are in the area, come along and visit me and have a look around this amazing space! Opening hours are 10.30-4.30 from Monday to Sunday. Pop into the Vintage Cafe for a cuppa and a cake as well!

Debi Wolf

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Practising Wuji on the Beach

October 29th, 2012 by debi

Yoga Retreat with Steve Avian at Fountains Court Holistic Hotel

Practising Wuji on the beach
Feeling the sand beneath my feet
Sun, Moon and Stars,
Washing the dragons face.
Debi Wolf Reeves 14/10/12

What a truly fabulous weekend we had!

Hubby and I booked…

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Sherwood Festival

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At the last Coven Moot I recently held, one of the members showed me a lovely pottery potion vial, with a pentagram on the front. When I asked her where she bought it, she said from the…

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The Chopping Board Survived, But the Grater Was Injured.

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