Crystal Magick And Healing

The Power of Crystals

For eons, Crystals have enchanted humankind. All types of Crystals. Whether they are precious, semi-precious or just appear to be rocks. Humans have been fashioning statues from stone, building from stone, creating jewelry from stones and crystals, even weapons have been made from stones and crystals (arrow tips were made from flint!). Today, Crystals are used all over the world for many different purposes. Memory chips in computers are made from quartz, radio equipment uses quartz, and even needles on stylus heads of a turntable are made from diamonds! Crystals are now also used in laser surgery, finding their place in the medical world. And don’t forget the quartz watches we all wear nowadays!

Amber was probably one of the first Crystals used for adornment and decoration. It is found in Stone Age deposits, as is Jet. Neolithic people buried their loved ones with polished Crystal mirrors, to enable them to see into the future, as well as gemstone beads. To ancient people, Crystals were sacred gifts from Mother Earth. As time moved on, Crystals have retained their magickal and spiritual properties.

Rulers, Priests and Priestesses, Shaman and Medicine Men wore these powerful gems as symbols of spirituality and authority. In the Bible (Exodus), a breastplate is made at God’s request, from 12 gemstones. It was worn over the heart and would protect the High Priest with its strong spiritual powers. Gems that were used in ancient times for these purposes, range from Amber to Amethyst and in the South American countries, Turquoise was also used. We may also look to other cultural areas for this usage of Crystals and Gems. The Ancient Egyptians used Gold in the head dresses and sarcophagi of their Pharos, the Chinese have long known of the power of Jade, the North American Indian tribes utilized Obsidian and right here in Africa, Tigers Eye, Unachite and Jasper have long been used by local tribes for their healing and spiritual properties.

The use of Crystals is growing, due to the growing awareness of the personal experience that we are all able to have with the Crystals. The light, energy and colour of the Crystal vibrates on our body’s auric level, where negative thought patterns, doubts, fear and any negative emotion we may experience is cleansed, allowing the body and mind to exist in harmony with the spirit.

We are already aware of the power and potential of Crystals, whether in our conscious or subconscious mind. Our ancestral memories, within our DNA still hold the secrets of the Crystals from ancient times. As we are realizing this within our modern society, personal experience with Crystals and stones is increasing. Crystals can be used as teachers and guides, holding and reflecting the love of the Divine Light and Universal Energy, which flows all around and within us.

With the resurgence of interest, due largely to the New Age Movement, Crystals are becoming more popular in the modern world, for their healing, spiritual and magickal purposes. The ancient art of Crystal Healing uses the gentle transformation of the properties of the Gems. Crystals resonate with specific energy, depending on the type of Crystal. These Crystals are placed on the body at the relevant places that they correspond. Meditation with Crystals is also a great healer and helps to clear and cleanse the mind, body and spirit. Magick using Crystals will enhance the power or strength of the spell you are casting.

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