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Rest In Peace Orion

Rest In Peace Orion, my little Boo Boo. May Freya take you in her arms. Blessed Be )O(

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Spell for Friday the 13th

Here is a very simple spell for this date! You will need to choose a Goddess to work with. As Friday is named after Freya and Venus, you may wish to call on one of these powerful Fertility Goddess’. You … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th !

Ah, the fear of this date and number! And especially on a Friday! Friggatriskaidekaphobia The word above is the name for the fear of Friday the 13th. Frigga (or Freya), a Norse Goddess, is who Friday is named after. Much … Continue reading

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Beltane at Thornborough Henge 2011

This is my favourite Sabbat of the year! And where better to celebrate it, than at Thornborough Henge? This little known Henge can be found in North Yorkshire, between Thirsk and Masham. Unlike Stonehenge Thornborough is a true Henge. The … Continue reading

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Predictions for The Royal Couple

As we are all watching, Kate is on her way to the Abbey and we are all dying to get a glimpse of her dress, I decided to consult my cards and crystals to see what the future holds for … Continue reading

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The Dark & The Light

The Dark & the Light In that moment of despair, the moment when the light leaves and the dark takes over, there is nothing. Everything is gone. Everything is lost. There is only pain. There is no cause, no reason. … Continue reading

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Spring is here!

For all of those living in the beautiful land of Albion (England), it seems that Spring is here! This week has been magnificent! The Daffodils are all in bloom, the sun has been shining brightly and warmly and things in … Continue reading

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St Patricks Day

I would like to wish everyone a happy St Patricks day, however, celebrating a Saint, who chased Paganism out of Ireland….. well, that would be a little hypocritical of me, being as I am a Pagan and would not like … Continue reading

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