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Practising Wuji on the Beach

Yoga Retreat with Steve Avian at Fountains Court Holistic Hotel Practising Wuji on the beach Feeling the sand beneath my feet Sun, Moon and Stars, Washing the dragons face. Debi Wolf Reeves 14/10/12 What a truly fabulous weekend we had! … Continue reading

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Mabon at Thornborough Henge

We walked out into pure Autumn this afternoon. Symbolic of the turning of the wheel at the Equinox on Saturday at Thornborough Henge. What a contrast the two days are: Bright, warm Autumnal sunshine on Mabon (but with cold evenings … Continue reading

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Sherwood Festival

At the last Coven Moot I recently held, one of the members showed me a lovely pottery potion vial, with a pentagram on the front. When I asked her where she bought it, she said from the Robin Hood Festival … Continue reading

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The Chopping Board Survived, But the Grater Was Injured.

There is nothing like sitting on the edge of the precipice of your mind, gazing into the darkest depths of depression. It sinks down like a well, into the very core of your being, stripping you of any sense of … Continue reading

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The Lack of Service in the Service Industry

When was the last time you went out for a meal at either a pub or restaurant and received acceptable service? I am not talking about good service, or even excellent service, but acceptable service? I honestly cannot remember the … Continue reading

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Dead Ducks and Defecating Dogs

Once again, on my many walks (and now jogs), around Worksop, I was dismayed to see one of the ducks floating in the canal. This was the mother of the eight babies who had been keeping such a close eye … Continue reading

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The Eight Limbs of Yoga

I picked up an old Om Yoga magazine (September 2011) last night, one that I picked up at the Yoga show in London last year. I always seem to have a pile of magazines to get through and I had … Continue reading

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Summer Holiday – Liverpool, The Tate and The Cavern

My husband and I recently went away for a short summer holiday, to my parents, who live in Ainsdale, Southport. Neither of us have been on a holiday in a very long time (festivals and weekend pagan camps, do not … Continue reading

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Rabid Dogs and Pissing Polaks

Outrage! Sheer outrage I tell you!!! What is this town coming to? Yesterday, hubby and I went for a walk along the canal and back across the field behind the Priory. This is a walk we take most days (when … Continue reading

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Magickal Yoga

Today, I feel as if I am living in a fairytale. My wonderful man, Andy, proposed to me on Saturday. On bended knee, in the middle of Lincoln, on Steep Hill, in front of hundreds of people. I was so … Continue reading

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