The Yoga Meditation of the Week

I was hoping to get this done on Thursday, alas, things got in the way… ho hum!

This week’s meditation;

“Before you’ve practiced, the theory is useless. After you’ve practiced, the theory is obvious.” David Williams, Yoga Teacher.

Hmmmmm, something to ponder on.

This statement is however, very true.

“What is the theory of Yoga? Surely Yoga is just a form of exercise?” You ask. Well, read for a little more info on what Yoga is. However, I will tell you, that Yoga changed my life – and for the better. Without it, I would not have gotten through my dark time last year.

You see, I am bi-polar and I was in a very horrible, depressed state last year. Yoga was the only thing that actually got me through. I lost my spirituality – I lost touch with my Goddess and God. I hated myself and life. But, through it all, I carried on teaching and practicing Yoga. Never once cancelling a class, even when in the depths of darkness, when there seemed to be no light. For me, this was vital.

I lost my full time job. I hit crisis mode and became extremely hyper-manic. I could not focus on anything for longer than 30 minutes – except Yoga.

As Mr Williams put it above, when practising Yoga, you become aware of the theory, through the actual exercise. The simplest example I can give is for example, being in Tree Pose or Vrksasana. This posture, on one leg, gives you grounding and with the arms raised above the head, reaching for the sky and Universe, gives you that connection to above. You are then balanced between these two energies. What a fabulous place to be in!

While in the posture and becoming aware of the theory of Yoga – the teaching is to focus on the breath. Use the breath within the body – from the lungs, down through the legs, through the foot that is touching the earth and grow your roots. See them as red energy, balancing you and giving you strength. As you give your energy to the earth, so she gives to you. Breathe up along the spine, stretching and strengthening feeling the spaces expand between the vertebrae. Allow the breath to travel up through the arms, to the point where the hands connect, right above the crown of the head. Visualise white, pearlescent energy emanating from your crown, travelling up to the universe and connecting you, pulling you taller. Feel your body being energised by these two worlds.

All the time, breathe into the muscles, be aware of the foot that is pressed into the groin area, ensure the knee is extended to the side of the body (and not forwards), so that the hip is open. The face looks forward, so that the chin is in line with the ground and soften the eyes, so that you are not really focusing on anything at all.

And breathe….

This is the theory.

That becomes the posture.

That becomes the self.


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