Love Spell

Perform on a Friday, Ideally, during waxing Moon phase ‚
Items needed Pink candle
Love incense (such as Rose, Amber or Sandalwood)
Cords (Red, white and pink))
Rose Petals (assorted)
Crystal (Rose Quartz)

Before you begin, it is always better to cleanse yourself and the area you are going to be working in. Vacuum and dust the area, and bathe or shower yourself.

While you are bathing, clear your mind.
Meditate if possible.

I do offer a word of caution!! You should not perform this spell with a specific person in mind. Remember! We all have free will and the most important part of the Wiccan Reede is “And Ye do what Ye will and Ye harm none” Attracting a specific person to you, may cause them harm as well as you. This is a spell to attract love to your life!

Clearly know your intent!!! Once again, this will be to attract love into your life or the person you are working the spell for.

Place all the items above close at hand. Light the incense, set it burning to create the mood. Sprinkle the rose petals around the candle. Place the crystal at the base of the candle.

Now light the candle, chanting;
“This spell I cast, by the powers of three times three,
to attract love unto me! So Mote it Be!”
Repeat three times.
Run your hand above the flame in a clockwise motion three times.
Look at the flame and imagine the light attracting love to you. Absorb the glow from the candle. Really focus your energies into this intent. See yourself in love with the Perfect Partner for you.

Next, take the three pieces of cord and begin to plait them, or knot them, chanting;
“With this cord, I bring the love into my life,
may the person or object, not feel any
binding to me, but let them love me of their
own free will!”
Continue to chant while you are working.
Ensure you tie off both ends of the cord.

Once the amulet or charm is finished, hang it or place it in a sacred /private area. You may even wish to wear it. You could fasten it around your wrist or place it into a pouch that you may like to carry with you. Once the love has been attracted into your life, keep it in a sacred space perhaps on a Love Altar or in the South West corner of your home or bedroom (This is your love corner, according to Feng Shui practices).

Allow the candle burn completely, then take the stub and bury it in the garden or a plant pot. Do not throw it away with the rest of your rubbish. Also take the rose petals and sprinkle them in a place or area that is special or sacred to you.

Place the Rose Quartz in your home, somewhere that feels comfortable and right for you. You may wish to keep it next to your bed, or again, place it in the South West love corner of your home.

Most importantly, practice loving emotions around yourself, from yourself and to everyone around you. If you are love, you will attract love!

So Mote It Be!

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