A Simple Prosperity Spell

Here is a very short and easy spell you may wish to cast to increase Prosperity within your life.

You will need: A green candle
Sage or Nutmeg Incense

Remember to begin by casting your protective circle and perhaps calling in the elements or quarters. You may wish to invoke a specific Goddess of God for your needs.

Some Goddess’ you may wish to work with;
Ceres / Lakshmi / Abundantia / Eostre

Some Gods you may wish to call upon;
Frey / Lugh / T’shai-shen

You may wish to carve a money symbol into the candle, such as a £ or $ sign.

Begin by lighting the Candle and then the Incense.

Focus your energy clearly of the goal you wish for and see in your minds eye that goal. Then Chant:

I call upon the forces of
Earth, Air, Fire and Water
Heed my need.
Riches of all sorts
Are attracted to me.
Let my bills be paid.

Repeat this chant at least three times or as often as necessary, until you feel that sufficient energy has been raised. At the end, chant:

By the power of three times three,
So Mote it Be!


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