Spell for Friday the 13th

Here is a very simple spell for this date! You will need to choose a Goddess to work with. As Friday is named after Freya and Venus, you may wish to call on one of these powerful Fertility Goddess’. You may wish to choose a focus point for your spell – it could be love, protection, abundance or healing – take a few moments before you begin and ask yourself what you require in your life at this time.

You will need some incense and bare feet!

Go outside, light the incense and place it into a safe container. Stand on the grass or Earth. Feel the energy from the Earth entering your body. Focus on this energy for a few moments. You may wish to close your eyes and visualise the energy entering your body through your feet, up your legs, through your torso, through the body. Feel its life giving, revitalising energy.

Now, when you are ready, open your eyes open your arms beside you and sweep them around the sides of your body, up to the heavens. Visualise the Goddess you have chosen in front of you and welcome her energy into your body. You may wish to call the Goddess to you. There is a specific Goddess Invocation that I love to use, it is from Scott Cunningham (with a few changes for this ritual);

Crescent one of starry skies,
Flowered one of the fertile plain,
Flowing one of the oceans sighs,
Blessed one of the gentle rain.
Hear my call on this special day,
Open me to your mystic light,
Waken me to your love I pray,
Be with me in my sacred rite!

You may wish to stand for a few moments, until you feel her energy around you. Then chant;

Hail and Welcome (insert Goddess name)!

You may wish to sit in meditation upon the grass for a while, visualising the energy you require working its magick in your life.

When you are finished, stand and thank the Goddess you have worked with, perhaps at the end saying something like;

Stay if you will, go if you must,
Hail and Farewell (insert Goddess name)!

Have a blessed Friday the 13th!


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