Coincidence or Fate?

While at the hospital, visiting with my BF, (his grandmother is very ill), I sat and meditated, sending out some Reiki healing to the patients and in general to the Universe. It is probably one of the most intense meditations I have done in a while. Really focusing all my energies outwards. Whilst in this meditative state, I connected and strongly felt the presence of my Reiki Master, Alda Duarte. I haven’t seen or spoken to Alda in almost 5 years, since I left South Africa and moved back to the UK.

That evening, while practising Yoga in my studio, my mobile rang. It was a +27 number (South Africa’s international dialling code). Low and behold, it was my Reiki Master. Now is that Coincidence or Fate? I think fate, as I think it was meant to be. She had bumped into a friend of mine the day before, who had my number here. She had been thinking of me all day, as I had been connecting in with her energy on the spiritual plane. So, do I believe in coincidence? No! I believe that everything is pre-ordained and that we are all following the path that we chose before our souls came to live in these bodies we possess and on this earth that we tread.

It was fabulous to connect with her again. I do miss her guidance and counsel so much.

Let me know of your coincidence or fate dilemma’s either drop a comment (they are screened by me) or email me at

Send a prayer out to all of those who are in hospital or who are ill right now – they need your thoughts!


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