Goth versus Glam

69 Eyes at Rock City

After the lovely sunny, warm days we have recently had, the weather had turned cold. Dressed in very little clothing, it was freezing. But you could taste the anticipation in the air. Sleek, gold and black tour busses were parked out back – oh how the young girls wish to be on them (and even some of the young men…).

Back-combed, leather, denim, fishnet, stilettos, New Rocks, Eyeliner, brightly coloured hair, cowboy hats and an excess of jewellery, scared away some of the “normal” people, going about their business.

The queue moved quickly forwards and we were soon inside the chaos.

It was like coming home.

The smell of a night club is always the same; adrenaline, pheromones, beer and perfume. Music pounding through the speakers and crowds of people at the bar.

Happily quaffing a plastic cup of red, found the spot for the gig, boyfriend in tow to hold said drink, while I was taking snaps.

First band up is Crashdiet. I had never heard of them, but it was like a step back in time to 20 years ago. Glam Rockers, sounding like a cross between Guns n Roses and Poison with the lead vocalist, Simon Cruz, looking like Martin Degville from Sigue Sigue Sputnik. However, the performance was top rate, vibrant and full of that Glam Rockesque life!

Next up, another band, whom I do not know, Hardcore Superstar. With screaming lyrics, wailing guitars and pounding drums, this Glam Rock band are well worth a viewing!

The anticipation builds. The audience smells like sweaty leather, hairspray and beer.

Onto the stage walk “The Helsinki Vampires”!

Jyrki (the vocalist) looks more and more like The King, Elvis Presley, every time I see them. He’s got the moves and the “Thank you very much” down too! But, still, they are the band I have loved for years and they play all of the old fave’s as well as a couple of new ones.

Exploding with Devils from the album Devils was an awesome start to the gig, with me singing along to almost every song. Never Say Die and Rocker from the 2007 Angels album were also beautifully covered. Lost Boys, another track from Devils was awesome and really got me dancing. Brandon Lee, from the Blessed Be album, another one of my favourites was outstanding.

They then covered an Elvis classic acoustically, Heartbreak Hotel – like I said, Jyrki is Elvis! It seems to be his alter-ego.

The highlight for me and my favourite song of the night, was Wings & Hearts, from the Angels album, was played brilliantly,

I was a little disappointed with the tracks Framed in Blood and Feel Berlin not featuring on the play list. They did play them last year and Framed in Blood was my introductory song to 69 Eyes, many, many moons ago.

My other gripe of the evening, was the organisation of Rock City and the fact that the gig ended at 10pm. Not good really. I wanted to see at least an hour and a half set from them and I do feel slightly cheated.

Will I go and see them again? Yes! Will I buy their latest offering? Yes!

I still love them…. <3

Blessed Be ;)

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