Freezing Protection Spell

This is perhaps one of the easiest spells for protection that I have come across. I have used it myself and it does work!

Just remember, the trick to working with spells is intent! This can be helped by visualising and manifesting the energy. Believe in it and it will work!


You will need: A Glass vial, bottle or jar (with a lid or stopper); Paper; Red Pen/Ink.

Before you Begin: Cast a circle of protection around yourself. (see Circle Cast for some ideas on how to do this). Call in your dedicated Goddess or God, (or angel, whatever works for you!), you may wish to light a candle or two for them. If you are unsure of the colours to use, for the Goddess, you may use silver or white and for the God, gold or yellow – these represent the Moon and Sun energies.

The Work: You will need to raise some energy. There are many methods fo doing this, some simple one’s are meditation, chanting or dancing. Begin to visualise the item, area or person in your life that you feel you need protection from. See yourself being surrounded by crystal energy (you may like to visualise a mirror or even armour). All of the negative energy that is aimed at you, bounces off. Now, you will need to fill the vial or jar with your own urine (I know, this sounds gross – but it is the best product to use). Ideally the vial or jar should be filled before hand and brought into the Circle or Protcted Space, before you commence. Now, write on the paper, with the red pen/ink, the item, area or name of the person you need protection from. Really see them in your minds eye. When you are ready, fold the paper – AWAY FROM YOU – and place into the vial or jar. Now, place this onto your alter while you again chant, meditate or dance energy into the vial. Once you feel that you have filled the item with enough magickal potency as you can muster, begin to take down the Circle you have cast. Afterwards, place the vial or jar into the freezer! Just remember which jar or vial it is, you wouldn’t like to get it mixed up now!

Good Luck!

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