Dead Ducks and Defecating Dogs

Once again, on my many walks (and now jogs), around Worksop, I was dismayed to see one of the ducks floating in the canal. This was the mother of the eight babies who had been keeping such a close eye on them over the past few weeks. So many have died this year, whether due to the weather and the flooding and high waters of both the canal and river; dogs, foxes and other predators; fishermen (I have blogged about this before) and their waste that they leave behind and of course, the one I suspect that has had the most impact, is kids.

Well, one can hardly call them kids. Yobs is the name my Hubby and I give to them. This town seems to be full of them!

I didn’t see the almost adult ducklings yesterday or this morning and I am hoping they have moved on to forge their own lives in this unforgiving environment.

It is a dog eat dog (or duck) world and the poor animals have enough to contend with, without unleashed dogs, fishing twine and kids with catapults. It seems that neither the adults nor children actually care or give a damn about the environment that they live in. I dread to think what the inside of their homes look like. It does not bode well for the future of this town, this apathy and lack of interest. It seems that the vast majority only care about themselves and seem to forget that others also have to live, work and survive in this hell hole.

This morning, on my walk/jog, I saw a cute puppy defecating along the road, near the bridge that crosses the canal on the side of High-Ho road. The owner stood and watched as his dog pooped and then, did…. you guessed it….. Nothing! I just cannot keep my mouth shut any longer at this kind of apathy.

“That’s nice.” I said.

His response was what I expected. “Everybody does it”.

I hope not! I have not seen one person taking a dump along the side of the road. I have seen people urinating and throwing up, but as yet, no-one having a poo. I am sure there is always a first. Of course, having a certain degree of intelligence, I realised that he meant that all the dog owners leave their animals faeces in the road, as I know the majority of them do. The evidence is all around the streets.

“And if everyone jumped off a bridge, I am sure you would follow”, I shouted back, as I walked on.

“profanity…..abuse…..profanity……abuse…….” from said dog owner. I ignored it, as I am sick to death of small-minded ignorant fools, who have nothing intelligent to say or who are even worth listening to.

“Dog Warden!” I shouted back, to which, he quickly called his dog back to himself, perhaps in fear that I was the dog warden and would take the dog away. As it should actually be. There was I, wishing I was, in fact the dog warden!

I do not understand why people purchase or adopt a dog and then proceed to let it poop where-ever it wishes, without clearing it up. In a field, I guess that is fine, but along a public road, not only is it dirty, smelly and of course messy when someone eventually steps in it, but full of disease. I can only think that this owner (and many others) allow their dogs to poo in their houses. It is a sorry state when animals are not looked after properly. I would love to visit their home, squat down outside their front door and take a dump myself. After eating a curry of course. To me, abandoned dog poo is as disgusting as that imagery.

If we all did what everyone else does, well, we would be living in a sea of faeces.

And where, pray tell, are the Dog Wardens? Surely, they should be out and about in the early mornings and evenings, in the local parks and commons where owners walk their dogs. They would make soooo much money from these criminals (because, that is what they are – the owners of course, not the dogs). That money could then be invested back into the local community – perhaps to an animal rescue or other such worthy cause.

I do believe, that I shall be carrying my phone with me in future, so that I can take photo’s of the dogs and owners and then forward them to the local authorities. As I live on a main road, my front door opens directly onto the pavement. So many times I have opened it to be surprised (annoyingly and unhappily) by a little brown package. I really would like to know who these owners are and where they live, as I would happily take a little brown package and dump it on their doorstep too.

Come on people!!! It is common courtesy to pick up your dogs poo and take it with you or place it into a bin. Is it that difficult?

Watch out dog owners of Worksop, I am on the Dog Defecation warpath!

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7 Responses to Dead Ducks and Defecating Dogs

  1. Michael Camm says:

    Hi Debi, you are so right about the dog mess and general lack of respect some show for their surroundings. I’m originally from Worksop but live in France so don’t visit the town as often as I used to but do notice any changes whenever I go back. The first time I went back after the Canch development had been completed I thought they had done a good job and how much brighter and better the area looked with the new bridge, pond and the generally well maintained stated of the gardens. However, when I looked closer I could see bits of dog mess around and all kinds of objects floating or stuck in the river, what is it that causes someone to throw an empty can into the river? There was even part of an old bike in there on one occasion. Last winter I saw the council had tried to clean out all the junk and crap from the river but there’s only so much they can do if certain people are determined to act as they do. I walk through there alot when I’m in Worksop and despite the minority who obviously don’t respect the area I will continue to do so when I’m there. It must make the council wonder why they bother spending all the time and money they did on the redevelopment when they see how some people treat it. There are good things about Worksop but it is frustrating when people don’t respect what’s around them, all the graffiti on the Priory Gatehouse is another example of this. Rant over! Great blog!

    • debi says:

      Thank you Michael! I walk and run through the Canch daily and I do love it, just the mess and the rubbish in the river and canal is so frustrating. Lucky you to live in France. I do know that they have been working on the Priory and the Gatehouse with the Princes’ Trust I believe, so, hopefully it will become more of an attraction! Love and Light x

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  5. F says:

    IT IS DISGUSTING!! i’m right there with you – sadly i believe there is one solitary man covering the whole of bassetlaw as a dog warden?

    • debi says:

      I believe so. It is sad and disgusting. I am sure you know there was an incident recently where a dog was mauled by three other dogs. The police were called and referred the owner of the injured dog to the Dog Warden. They have said there is nothing they can do and that it is a police matter. Unfortunately, it seems the laws on dog control are being ignored. Perhaps protest action is needed?