Predictions for 2012


9 Pentacles with Red Tigers Eye – this month money matters will be the main focus. Perhaps too much has been spent over the festive period and the purse strings may need to be tightened a little. There will be quite a fair amount of social activity over the month, and grounding is needed around this. Make sure you take some time out for yourself!



10 Cups with Yellow Aventurine – what an auspicious month! For those of you who are single, love is all around you right now and Mr or Mrs Right may make an appearance. It is also a very lucky month, so now may be a good time to  play the lottery. Positive energy abounds, so manifest and use those positivity spells, banishing any negativity from your life. You should hopefully be feeling a little more abundance around you too. Its time to shrug off those worries of the long, dark winter.



5 Cups with Rose Quartz – There may be some emotional loss this month, and perhaps some regret, but trust in Rose Quartz’ positive unconditional loving energy to bring you out of any darkness, and realise that true love lies within and around you constantly. You are a loving and loved being. There may be an emotional decision to be made. You will find a strong connection so someone (friend, family, lover or even a pet), who will show you unconditional love and may even be a teacher within your life. Make sure you take hold of that and work with it as it will be in your favour.



7 Wands with Chaisolite – There may be some hurdles to overcome this month. Perhaps it is a time of consideration or facing up to a difficult challenge that has been presented to you. You will achieve your goal, but only through hard work. Protection is at hand, either from your guides or a physical being. Patience may be needed.



High Priest with Red Jasper – All you single ladies out there, this may be a good month to meet a new man! Red Jasper brings passion into any situation and will stir up the feelings within any existing romantic relationship. You may also find yourself attaining some spiritual wisdom but beware of any reluctance to follow a new path as this may be a good time for you to take risks and move forwards. Do something unexpected as this may lead to new horizons and potential you never thought you had in you!



9 Pentacles with Green Aventurine – This will be a very prosperous and abundant month! Levels of safety and financial security should be reached and there may be new opportunities opening themselves up to you. Feel the love of abundance around you from friends, family and loved ones. Your heart may feel as if it is opening up and perhaps flourishing with love.



9 Cups with Sodalite – this is the wish card! So really focus on your dreams and goals for this month as they are more than likely going to have good outcomes! Communication is key this month. Be open to receiving messages, whether they are physical or spiritual. If you have been planning on researching or studying something this is the perfect time to do that. Be aware that new opportunities may present themselves to you too! So anything that was missed earlier in the year will come your way again.



4 Wands with Pyrite – You will find harmony in simple pleasures such as spending time with loved ones and family or even spending time on your own; getting to know yourself a little better. You will begin to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You may however find that caution is needed around money again or perhaps to do with someone you consider close. Things are not what they seem, so make sure you take some time out to reflect on what is around you and act with caution.



Hanged Man with Peridot – Use your intuition this month and be heedful of the outcome and consequences of any actions you undertake. You may need to make a sacrifice in order to achieve some wisdom and there may be the opportunity for you to learn from past mistakes. Trust in any prophetic dreams you may have. It is also a good month for fertility and birth – be that physical or spiritual. Money may also be at the forefront in a positive light.



2 Cups with Citrine – This would indicate a good month for marriages and partnerships! New romance or the building up of an existing relationship to forge a stronger bond, as well as starting a new business venture or partnership is definitely within reach. This will be blessed with the connection and interaction with higher beings. You will feel the confidence to succeed around you. There will be an abundance of positive energies throughout this month.



8 Wands with Amazonite – This may be a very expansive and outgoing month for you. Progress will be made swiftly towards a goal, and there may be some need of hasty decisions. Opportunities are all around and these may include love. There may be some travel, possibly close to or over water.


 2 Wands with Emerald – Strong will may be needed during this month, perhaps with all of the doomsday prophecies. If you are a light worker, your energies will be needed this month to assist others as well as the planetary energies. There may be some physical stress and a difficult decision may need to be made. There is probably a strong focus on love and attachment, weeding out any old unconstructive relationships and working on strengthening any existing bonds. Love, attachment and true friendship are all possibilities if you remain open.

 Throughout the year there is an abundance of Wand (Fire) and Cup (Water) energy. This would indicate to me that they year will be very creative, perhaps looking at new ways of doing things. Work will be on the forefront but this will also incorporate emotions, love, relationships and of course intuition. These may all be areas that you wish to work on throughout 2012.

 I wish you Peace, happiness, love and harmony for 2012!

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 Blessed Be


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    Watching Our Lady Peace on TV (?) w/ husband + tempting the cats with YouTubed bird videos- total party! etcnye Maybe this is The End 2012