Aphrodite – Today’s Goddess

“Aphrodite, Arianrhod, Lover of the Horned God”
- Lady Sheba, the Charge of the Goddess.

Awaken the inner Goddess within you! Through dance, self-care and appreciating your divinity.

This is her message to you.

Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of passion and love. And what a powerful Goddess she is. I invoked her in a Sabbat Ritual, many moons ago and her power still resides within! She is associated with the planet Venus and as this is my ruling planet, I feel a strong affinity to her energy. Her name means “Foam Born”, as she is the daughter or Uranus’ castrated genitals that were cast into the ocean. Because of this, she represents unabashed female sexual energy!

If you want to improve your sex life ladies, invoke this Goddess. I will say that she works! ;)

She will perhaps help you to feel more comfortable with your body. Let’s face it, the majority of us women are not happy with our bodies in one way or another. We are faced with skinny, anorexic looking models on the front of magazines and glossy movie stars who have their own personal trainers, spend their lives eating fruit and drinking water and probably never taste chocolate. Is that enjoying life?

I say, accept your womanly curves! Love yourself! Caress your body – alien concept isn’t it? And most of all, if you fancy chocolate, enjoy it!

She does actually help both genders around sexuality, helping to ignite passion and bring balance to the male/female energies within.

Allow your inner, feminine beauty and wisdom to shine through – accept it and believe it. So often we are told we are not good enough – we don’t look like this or that model/movie star etc. No, we don’t – thank the Goddess! I look like me and I am happy with me! Whether you are male or female, you have an inner feminine energy that nurtures you, guides you on your journey through life. Now is the time to become aware of it and use it. Celebrate your magnificence!

Learn to enjoy your feminine side, soften your energy and perhaps heal your sexuality. You may wish to dance more often (ladies, Belly Dancing is VERY healing and sexual! In fact, the history of Belly Dance, is that it was first practiced by men!). Allow your softer side to come through in relationships. Perhaps dress more feminine – get out of those jeans and trackie bottoms! Wear a dress or a skirt. Put flowers in your hair ;)

Blessed Be

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