Sarasvati – Today’s Goddess

This beautiful Hindu Goddess of the Arts helps us with our creative expression. Her message is telling us to express ourselves through our creative activities. Dance, sing, paint, write, create music or follow whatever path you choose for your artistic outlet! You may wish to study or change to a career that gives you more creative freedom. Surround yourself in music as this is essential to Sarasvati and to your soul and will help you flow with your creations.

Sarasvati is the Hindu Goddess of the arts and is the wife of Brahma. She holds knowledge and creativity above all material possessions and wealth. Her symbols are the “vina” a musical instrument, a white swan and a book of knowledge. She helps us to focus on our creative pursuits and to keep focus on them while not procrastinating.

I fear that I have been doing way too much procrastinating about my Yoga Information packs and I need to get them finished!

Blessed Be

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