Damara – Goddess of the Day

Hahahahaha! I do find this quite amusing today! I have just been cyber-chatting to a colleague of mine and I am going to my boyfriends nephew’s 7th birthday today! What fun! A bunch of 7 year olds tripping out on E numbers and sugar! Oh boy!

Damara is a Celtic Fertility Goddess and her name means Gentle, and she is associated with the month of May. Her message is one of guiding children that you would be good at helping, counselling and healing children – perhaps you need to utilise those skills and help children right now. If you have your own children, spend some time with them, perhaps playing and enjoying their company. Maybe you need to look at a career working with children, perhaps even volunteering with a children’s charity. Take care of your own inner child too! Go on and have some fun today!!!

Re-connect with that sense of awe and discovery that you felt when you were a child and learning about the world and he universe. Believe in fairies, believe in angels, as they are all around.

Blessed Be

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