Magnesite – Today’s Crystal

Wow! I sooooo needed this Crystal today! The releasing of anxiety was needed greatly this morning! I was incredibly stressed yesterday and had very little sleep. I decided this morning, to take a bath and while I did, I visualised all the negative energy dripping away from me into the water and down the drain. While doing this, I chanted, over and over again, “Peace, Relaxation, Joy and Harmony”!

Afterwards, I sat infront of my bedroom altar. This is one of my most sacred of spaces and where I practise my daily devotions. I cleansed the altar physically and energetically and then spent some time meditating upon the positive energy coming my way!

It worked!

This white chewed up looking crystal (yes, it resembles a  centuries old piece of chewing gum), is fabulous for creative visualization and imagination. It will also aid in the development of psychic visions of exceptional clarity.

It has a strong soothing energy that if you meditate with it, and perhaps really tune into your heart, it will allow your mind to respond to the hearts desires. You can use this crystal around the heart chakra for healing, as it will help to re-align your life with your hearts needs thereby helping you to love yourself.

It can also be used to aid in strengthening teeth and bones as well as lessening the symptoms of PMS. It may also assist in releasing anxiety. You may wish to use this stone while in deep meditation or in yogic practices, to enable you to connect in with your bodies’ movement and attunement.

The crystal can also be used for the third eye and crown Chakra’s and will help to bring a sense of peace and self-love into your heart.

Love and Crystal Rainbows

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