Yamanya – Today’s Goddess

This Nigerian / Brazilian sea, river andlakeGoddess, sends a message of golden opportunities. Important doors are opening for you right now. Walk through them!

If you wish to honour her, her festival is New Years Eve. Thousands of people at Copacabana beach, leave gifts for her, some even making paper boats and setting them afloat in the water, with their wishes and prayers. If the boat is swallowed by the waves, your wish will be granted, but if it comes back, she has not found you worthy of the wish at the present time.

Timing is everything and when the opportunity presents itself, grab it with both hands! This is so accurate for me at the moment! As you may be aware, I am in the process of setting up some Yoga classes and it has all happened at once! Ain’t that just the way?

All that you have already done to prepare yourself will accompany you at this time. If you do hesitate however, another opportunity will present itself to you later. Your prayers are being answered, get ready for a big and happy change. Celebrate your success and know that you are qualified and ready for this new opportunity!

Blessed Be


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