Rhiannon – Todays Goddess

This Celtic/Welsh Lunar Goddess is a Sorceress. Her name means Great Queen. Besides being a sorceress, she is also a muse of inspiration for poets, artists and royalty. One of her main functions is to carry souls from Earth to Summerland (the afterlife), upon her white horse. Her horse was known to move so swiftly, that no-one could catch her! She also helps the souls with their transition from the physical life to the Spirit. She is also a shape-shifter and may appear to you as an animal, a bird or even a song, think of the song Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac!

Her message is that you are a magickal person, who is able to manifest your intentions into reality – make sure those intentions are clear. She has a strong connection to animals and nature and you may need to spend more time outdoors, to recapture your personal power. Allow the light of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars to stir those ancient memories within you. Memories perhaps of a previous life….

Put your magickal abilities to good use, for the good of the planet. So often in magick, we request things for ourselves, yet we forget to put things back. You may find that you are attracted to helping save the planet, do whatever you can to help, feel that energy within you. You may wish to reduce your carbon footprint, by growing your own fruit and vegetables, or perhaps go a step further by working with a charitable organisation concerned with saving the planet. You may even find this to be a calling.

Have faith that your dream is manifested. Make a clear decision. Put your energies into manifesting your dreams. Know that you deserve to receive good – so often, we bring ourselves down with thoughts of unworthiness. You do deserve to have a positive, happy, healthy and fulfilled life. When you win, others win too. Keep your thoughts focused on your desire and away from fear or negativity.

Blessed Be

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