Crystal of the Day – Red Jasper

I have had wonderful experience with this lovely red crystal and the piece that I have pulled out of my magickal bag today, is a striated example of the Crystal. In every reading that I have ever done with this Crystal, the meaning has been one of passion, fertility, possible childbirth as well as artistic pursuits that perhaps need to be followed.

It is a strong grounding crystal and works with the lower two Chakra’s. However, the striated piece that I have pulled contains gold bands as well as clear quartz crystal, so this one works with the lower two Chakra’s (Root and Sacral) as well as the Solar Plexus and the Crown Chakra. Used on the Root Chakra, it will aid in grounding and encouraging practicality and down to earth realism. It also aids to stimulate psychic faculties, dreams and visionary skills, although it’s main focus is to repair and enhance the physical structures of the body.

It indicates that there is a need to focus on practical and visible outcomes. Do what is necessary and do not waste time and effort on complicated schemes and elaborate strategies. Take things at face value as nothing is being hidden from you. Any devious actions by others will come to nothing if you act honestly and openly.

Love and Crystal Rainbows

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