Goddess of the Day – Artemis

This powerful Greek Goddess, is a triple aspect Goddess; a Protector, a Goddess of Nature and a Moon Goddess. She is the Daughter of Zeus and the Sister of Apollo. The Greek’s assimilated her to the pre-Greek mistress of he wild beasts and the Bear is sacred to her – hence her association to the constellation Ursa Major. She was often invoked by women in childbirth, as she is regarded as the source of all water, including tides and menstrual cycles. She is the protector of young girls. She is often depicted with bows and arrows, although she never uses them to harm anything. The energy of her bow and arrow is a talisman that helps her focus her thoughts and intentions and signifies that she always reaches the mark of her manifestations.

Other names for this powerful Goddess, include; Cynthia, Delia, Phoebe, Pythia and Parthenos. Her cult is said to go back to the Amazons. Her associations are;

Tarot – Nines, High Priestess and Temperance.
Gems – Quartz, moonstone, pearl and crystal.
Plants – Banyan, mandrake, almond, mugwort and hazel.
Animals – Elephant, dog, centaur, horse and of course, the bear.
Perfumes – Jasmine, ginseng, menstrual blood, camphor and aloes.
Magickal Weapons – Perfumes, sandals, bow and arrow.

She is the Guardian. Her message is that your loved ones are safe and spiritually protected. Call upon the spiritual warriors to protect you. If you would like to cast a protection spell around you or your loved one’s, have a look at http://www.debiwolfreeves.co.uk/archives/208 for a protection spell.

Know that the angels are watching over you and your family. Your future is safe and secure. All of your needs are being met and always will be. The worst is now behind you.

Blessed Be

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