Crystal of the Day – Rhodonite

This lovely pink and black Crystal, is another one that works around the Heart Chakra. In healing, it brings balance and perhaps a realistic, practical approach to emotions and dealing with emotional responses. If you find that you fly off the handle or weep uncontrollably when dealing with emotional issues, you may want to wear or keep a piece in your pocket.

The darker colours within the Crystal bring a strong grounding energy that can help with removing or reducing negative emotions such as confusion and anxiety.

In a reading, in a negative placement, this crystal warns that the questioner must be practical with any emotional decision making. Try not to get carried away with what may be, rather focus on the present moment and the actual possibilities and truths. Failure to do this may only add to confusion and anxiety.

I find that I do this all the time! I get carried away in the possibilities, instead of what is actually happening now!

In a positive placement, Rhodonite also shows that emotional relationships have a firm and solid base, which rests on mutual respect and understanding.

The biggest area that I find this Crystal relating to is that of self-esteem and self-confidence. The questioner may have issues around these emotions, perhaps due to past heartbreak. It could also indicate that the person has perhaps too much self-confidence. In either case, there needs to be recognition of this and removing of any emotional baggage that is influencing the present.

Often, when we are in relationships, we project our ex’s behaviour and emotional responses onto our new partners. REMEMBER, your new partner is not your ex!

Also delve deeper into any recurring patterns. Do you always chose a similar type of partner and you keep getting hurt or ending the relationship? These areas need to be addressed in order for you to have a healthy, nurturing relationship.

Breaking the pattern brings in risks of letting the unexpected occur, but it is the only way forward when you are in a negative cycle.

Love and Crystal Rainbows

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