Goddess of the Day – Brighid

I know this Goddess appeared last week, but, I feel her energy is needed today, for a wonderful friend of mine, who is going into hospital for a heart operation. My thoughts are with you dear one!

This wonderful Celtic Triple Goddess is one of my Patron Deities. She is a Goddess of Inspiration, Healing and Smith craft. She is telling you to “Stand up for what you believe is right!” And that is something that I most certainly do!

“May Brighid give blessing
To the house that is here;
…Brighid, the fair and tender,
Her hue like the cotton-grass,
Rich-tressed maiden
Of ringlets of gold”

-Scottish Gaelic invocation

InBritain, she is known as Brigantia and was the supreme and all-embracing deity of the northernEnglishKingdomof that name – her image is reflected on 50p coins! She is also known as Bridget, Brigit, and Bride to name a few,

Her temple is found in Kildare, Ireland, where a flame is kept burning for her. She is celebrated at Imbolc (around the 1st February), the first Sabbat of Spring. If you wish to honour her at this time, light all the candles/lamps in your home on the eve of the 1st.  She is a fire Goddess after all!

Her message is telling you to be clear about your intentions. If you are unclear, confusion will lessen your power and force. If you call on her, she will guide and protect you. Now is the time to touch your power, as its heat and flame will ignite your passion, which in turn propels you forward in countless ways. Even in the face of fear, you may still stand up for your ideals and your truth. Be unwavering and make your stand today.

I also see this Goddess as a nurturer. Perhaps it is time to nurture yourself. Love yourself – be kind to yourself. So often in life, we place others needs before our own. Always remember to take time for you!
Be assertive and don’t worry about what others think. Trust that all of your actions will work out fine. Speak your truth. Stick to your opinions. Put your foot down if you need to!

If you are starting your craft journey, what better goddess to work with, than Brighid?

Blessed Be

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