The Goddess Card of the Day – Cordelia

This beautiful Welsh Goddess’ message for the day is ‘Go Outside! You have been indoors too long. Go outside and get some fresh air. Strange that I should receive this message, as I have been outside all weekend – granted, at a music festival – but still outside! My garden, however, does need work!

She is a Goddess of Spring and Summer and is celebrated on May the 1st (Beltane). She is also a Fairy Goddess, who watches over the flowers that bloom in the spring and summertime. Cordelia is the daughter of Lir, God of the Sea and was born as a Sea Goddess. You may wish to call on her to assist in thawing a situation or relationship that may seem cold or dreary. She also helps with life changes and stress management. The Crystals that are associated with her are Carnelian and Citrine.

Being cooped up in doors is not the way to live your life in this beautiful world. Go outside and experience what is out there. It will revive your spirit and soul, and perhaps retrieve your faith in the planets existence. Pay attention to the flowers that are budding, the birds singing and allow the wind to blow through your hair.

Remember that your manifestations will appear during the month of May, or when the weather is warmer. Spend time in nature. It may be time to change your job, to one that allows you to connect more with nature. Seek out a local environmental group and ensure that you do as much as you are able, personally, to protect the environment.

You might even need to be more aware of balance in your life. Take some time out from your busy schedule and learn to relax a little more!

Blessed Be

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