Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. All monies paid towards the six week block booking of your space in the class must be paid prior to the commencement of the first class of any block. Any missed class by the student, will forfeit the payment.
2. No refunds will be made, unless exceptional circumstances apply. To be discussed on an individual basis.
3. The space may not be used by another person. The agreement is in place between you and Rainbow Yoga.
4. If you are unable to attend the class for any reason, please let the tutor know within a reasonable amount of time.
5. If the tutor needs to cancel the class, due to ill health or other unexpected circumstances, reasonable notice will be given where appropriate and monies for the class will be carried over to the following week.
6. Periods of holiday/annual leave shall be notified within good time by the tutor.
7. If you are unable to attend a class, you may attend another class, if space allows, in the same week. Notice to be given by the student and booking to be made as soon as possible.
8. Periods of annual holidays by the student, will not be refunded. However, a student is welcome to join one of the other classes to make up, before or after their return. Notice to be given.
9. All students must pay for the six week block, BEFORE the commencement of the next block. If the monies are not received, there will be no guarantee that the place will be kept open, unless discussed with the tutor.
10. All periods of students holidays are to be notified to the teacher in writing as soon as possible, so that arrangements for payments and attending classes can be arranged.
11. If a student fails to pay at the beginning of a six week block and wishes to re-join the class part way through the block, a fee of £6.50 per class will be charged for the remainder of the block (total to be advised according to number of weeks remaining on the block). Alternatively, a student will be pay the standard £7.00 drop in fee.
12. If a student decides to cancel their space in the class, two weeks notice MUST be given to the tutor in writing. Either letter or email. Fee may be charged if not notified timorously. (Please note, that I ask this as a courtesy, as it is only polite to let the tutor know if you will not be coming back to class – I will then be able to fill the space from the waiting list).
13. Please respect other students’ and teachers human rights. No bullying or misconduct will be tolerated whether to an individual or a teacher and will result in the student being asked to leave the class immediately. No refund will be given. The Yoga Alliance Code of Practice should be adhered to at all times.
14. If the student wishes to chat to the tutor regarding class, payment, health or other concern, please approach the tutor after the class. If necessary, an appropriate time and place will be decided upon for the chat, depending on time constraints etc.
15. Terms and Conditions are subject to future change and must be agreed upon by the student on their Client Information form or separate T& C’s Agreement for existing clients.

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