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PLEASE NOTE: Rainbow Yoga Studio is currently closed as I am taking an eight month sabbatical. Please see Latest News for further updates.

That’s my motto! “Everyday Yoga, for Everyday People!” You can take home some Asana’s (postures), to practice them as often as you like and anyone can practice!

I started my Yoga journey back in 2003, when I began Belly Dancing. My dance instructor also taught Yoga and I decided to join so that I could improve my back-bends. Well, I was hooked!

I moved to the UK in 2006 and decided to do my diploma to become a Yoga Teacher, with Steve Avian of ShamaYoga in Sheffield. http://www.shamayoga.org.uk/

I opened my Yoga Studio, Rainbow Yoga Studio & Emporium, on the 18th July on the top floor of Carlton House Vintage Art & Craft on Carlton Road in Worksop. This is Worksop’s FIRST Yoga Studio! I could not have achieved this without the support of my wonderful Yoga students!

My Yoga Studies was one of the most spiritual and intricate journeys of my life. And, I am still traveling on that path! I never thought I would actually teach Yoga and went into it with a light heart, mainly to discover more about my life and spiritual journey.

I am currently completing my diploma in Yoga Of Birth, with the renowned Judy Cameron. http://www.yogaofbirth.co.uk/yoga/Home.html I have a calling to teach Yoga for pregnancy and beyond and many of my students have asked me about this. Watch this space for more info!

I have taught many classes in and around the South Yorkshire/Bassetlaw areas, I now teach privately where I feel I am able to give detailed attention to each individual. The classes are small and relaxed.

I have found that many people feel daunted at the prospect of going to a Yoga class. My classes are for everyday people, because I myself, am an everyday person. Over the past year, I have managed to lose 54 pounds in weight and while I have been on the Weight Watchers Pro-points plan, I feel a lot of my weight loss has also come from Yoga and the meditations I have practiced. I took up running last year, something I was unable to do before and I ran the 10 Kilometer Race For Life in June this year. I have also recently taken up cycling.

Yoga is my passion and I practice every day, if only for a few minutes.

I would like to introduce you to the beautiful art of Yoga, so you can experience some of the passion, enjoyment and relaxation that I have learned.

As I mentioned, I passed my Yoga Instructor Diploma in 2008, with SharmaYoga in Sheffield. http://www.shamayoga.org.uk
I am also registered with Yoga Alliance, One of the largest world wide bodies of Yoga Instructors.

My aim is to introduce Yoga to people who Would like to improve their fitness levels, As well as lose weight along with gaining Many other benefits.

So often, I have heard students tell me that they are unable to touch their toes. This really does not matter, as there is something for everyone within Yoga, it is more a case of having a flexible mind than a flexible body!

I do hope that you will chose to join me on this exciting journey!


Yoga is generally thought of as stretching the body and possibly causing pain! However, Yoga can be a very gentle and intense form of exercise. But it’s not just exercise! There is a very strong spiritual side. Debi teaches Hatha Yoga, which is a deeper look at the classic Yoga Asana’s (postures). She also incorporates various other Yogic practices, such as Mudrah’s (yoga for the hands), Banda’s(specific locks within the body) Kriya’s (Yogic cleansing practices), in-depth meditations as well as Chakra work. Using techniques from Asthanga, Iyenga and Bikram Yoga, as well as Hatha, she is able to give her students in depth and varied, intersting classes and workshops for all abilities and ages.

Here’s what some of her Yogini’s (students), have to say:


Debi is the best Yoga Teacher I have ever had. I so look forward to my weekly class and if I am unable to attend, I do not feel I am in a “good place” – hope this makes sense. She caters for body, mind and spirit and I leave her class feeling uplifed, yet calm and at pease and always have a wonderful nights sleep. Always mindful of any problems or injuries, she plans her classes so that no-one feels excluded or uncomfortable, no matter what their problems may be. Quite simply, she is an inspiration.

I find Debi’s teaching and her classes comprehensive, interesting and fun. She is an extremely knowledgeable instructor who always takes time to listen carefully to her student’s questions and opinions and she always answers honestly and diplomatically. Her classes are fulfilling and you are under the impression that somehow each class has been designed especially for you! I always leave with much to think and ponder about while feeling calm and relaxed and yet intellectually stimulated and totally satisfied. Debi’s many varied classes from Yoga to Meditation and Wicca are all great value for money and I cannot recommend them enough, she truly is an inspiring teacher who always gives every student in every class her all. Quite simply, if I had never met Debi I would not be who I am today…
Tarryn Workman

I’ve been attending Debi’s yoga classes and a workshop for nearly a year and have always found her very welcoming. She puts you at ease at the beginning of the class and gives clear instruction, lets everyone work at their own pace while at the same time is keen to see you make the most of yourself. I think she’s very well informed about a range of exercising and relaxation techniques and sets a good example by living a healthy lifestyle herself.
I look forward to Debi’s classes and she is never in a rush to finish the class. She’s approachable, helpful, motivates the group and creates a natural, relaxed atmosphere in the class.
Kathryn North

The Yoga classes are really enjoyable. All ages and abilities are welcome and there is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Debi’s teaching style allows you to progress at a pace you feel comfortable with – she is always positive and encouraging. Workshops offer a chance to explore more deeply and reach a better understanding of the philosophy of yoga, as well as practising asanas and relaxation. I am so glad I gave it a try – I only wish I’d started years ago!
Gillian McCallum

* * *

Debi also teaches private one-on-one lessons, for Yogini’s who would like a more private lesson, or someone who would like more in-depth training. Debi regularly teaches Yoga workshops.


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